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Your Mitsubishi is one of the best built vehicles on the road. But even the best deserve routine maintenance and care to ensure they remain durable and reliable for years to come. At London Mitsubishi our team of professional Mitsubishi certified service consultants and Mitsubishi trained service technicians are here to help you and make the repair process seamless. Whether its an oil change, air filter replacement, timing belt change, tire rotation, brake fluid flushed or a simple tune up, we aim to do it right the first time. Additionally, by offering a loaner car you can go about your day while you trust your Mitsubishi with the people who know it best.


You can book a loaner car for 2 hours more online or call us at (519) 686-1515.


Our service hours of operation are Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM and Saturday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM.





All-Wheel Control at London Mitsubishi Service Department in London, Ontario



Models like the Lancer, Outlander, and RVR are available with Mitsubishi All-Wheel Control (AWC). AWC is a four-wheel dynamic control philosophy for maximally exploiting the capability of all four tires of a vehicle in a balanced manner to realize predictable handling and high marginal performance. Our All-Wheel Control technology enhances the handling of your vehicle on surfaces that are wet, slick and dry. This gives you excellent control when you're driving in any condition. All together AWC improves the handling, performance and safety of your Mitsubishi.






Winter Tires at London Mitsubishi Service Department in London, Ontario



If you've invested in All-Wheel Control or not, winter tires are still important. Yes, you will have excellent performance snow or shine with AWC but why not maximize your Mitsubishi performance with a set of winter tires?

As it starts to get cold in Ontario, you should consider putting winter tires on your Mitsubishi. Winter tires have this rubber compound that's created to stay soft and flexible for better traction on cold roads, something all-season tires don't have. Before temperatures hit 7° Celsius, contact London Mitsubishi online or give us a call at (519) 686-1515 to have your tires change.






Maintenance Tips at London Mitsubishi Service Department in London, Ontario



We all know regular maintenance is the key to keeping your Mitsubishi in tip top condition. In addition to tune-ups there are a few extra tips that London Mitsubishi can help you with to ensure your winter driving in Ontario goes as smoothly as possible!

Before hitting the icy roads, you should consider having your battery checked. A fully charged battery will allow your Mitsubishi to start easier on those below zero days. To prepare for the snow and ice you should look into purchasing winter wipers. Certain winter wiper blades are wrapped in rubber to reduce snow and ice build up on your windshield. You should also always have your brakes inspected before it gets cold so you stay safe this winter!


For more information about the services we offer, contact London Mitsubishi service department online, or give us a call at (519) 686-1515.





Auto Spa at London Mitsubishi Service Department in London, Ontario



Your vehicle relies on you to maintain it regularly and that means making sure it's clean of grit and grime too. To help you choose the right detailing option for your vehicle, London Mitsubishi has handpicked four of our Ultimate Auto Spa options that you might be interested in.



Make it Shine at London Mitsubishi Auto Spa Spruce it up at London Mitsubishi Auto Spa Interior Detail at London Mitsubishi Auto Spa The Works at London Mitsubishi Auto Spa